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GMYLE(TM) Black PPM001 Portable Support RDS DAB/DAB+ Radio and MP3 Player with TF Card Slot and Built-in Battery Charger

Price Details (as of 24/04/2014 - This Website's Time)
Price : £32.98
Save : £2.00(6%)
Brand : GMYLE
Lowest New Price : £30.98
New Item(s) : 2

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  • Features
    - Built in 800mAh Li-polymer battery. Battery life lasts for no less than 7 hours when fully charged.
    - With USB charging port, charging the battery via USB connection to computer or power adapter(option)
    - Adjust the clock or use DAB and FM synchronization time as clock.
    - 60 radio station presets (30 DAB+ / 30 FM)
    - FM & DAB reception by earphone.


    - DAB Function
    - The DAB radion can receive and paly all the band III radio station(174.928MHZ-239.2MHZ)

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    • DAB ETST 300 401 standard compliant.
    • DAB Function
    • The DAB radion can receive and play all the band III radio station(174.928MHZ-239.2MHZ)
    • FM function, the frequency range: 87.5MHz-108MHz, support RDS.
    • Support MP3 function. (Max: 16GB)

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